OHI Raw Food Detox Program - Days 3-7


Detox Day 7 ---- 13 pounds down so far.

We did a 3 day juice fast the first week. There were two basic juices

1. the hypoglycemic "hypo" juice: cucumber, celery, zucchini, chard, green cabbage, bok choy, mixed sprouts, parsley, basil, kale, ginger, fennel, kelp and dulse.

2. regular juice: the same as the hypo plus beets and carrots are added.

Breakfast is always some type of fruit, such as watermelon (my favorite), cantaloupe soup (super yum), orange and grapefruit wedges or whole fruit applesauce. Most other meals consist of sprouts, mixed salad, a vegan seed cheese - which are basically seeds which are soaked, ground, fermented and seasoned, and some side dish. Past side dishes have included raw crackers, guacamole, half an avocado, radish salad, sauerkraut, seaweed salad, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, bell pepper spears or cucumbers. Although I do love the avocado and guac., they do slow down the detox for people who don't want to lose a lot of weight.

One of these days I'll take pics of what they serve. Cheers!



  1. 13 pounds!? You've already lost 13 pounds? That's a lot for 7 days. Hmm....
    The diet sounds really healthful. I don't know if I could do it with how grouchy I get when I don't eat though. I admire that your'e doing it, Toya.
    And I look forward to those pics of the not so gourmet, yet healthful food (smile).

  2. Hey Stella! Thanks for watching :) The first week had a 3 day juice fast - which is why I think I lost that much. I'm still losing, but it's definitely slowed down. I definitely had some grouchiness, but it's much easier when you're surrounded by other people doing the same thing. I just got a take home menu plan from OHI..so I'll be posting that if people want to do something similar...peace, Toya