Çoban Salatası (aka Shepherd's Salad)

So this is another very traditional Turkish dish. I love it because it is so simple to make, yet still so delicious. It's a perfect spring or summer dish, pairing cool crunchy cucumbers with sweet and succulent tomatoes. It's so light; so refreshing; and so tasty. The folklore/history behind this dish is that shepherds, while out all day tending their flocks, would pick a bit of this and a bit of that..basically, whatever veggies were available out in the fields, and that's what they would eat while working. And well that's where the name comes from..as shepherd is "Çoban" and Salatası is, you guessed it, salad. There really is no set ingredient amount for this, so I'll just tell you how I made it last night.

Çoban Salatası (aka Shepherd's Salad) - Serves 4

2 cucumbers ( I seeded mine, but I don't usually)
4 roma tomatoes --or 2 large regular tomatoes (Again,  I seeded mine, but I don't usually)
1/4 onion, chopped or minced - I used red -but use whatever you like
3 Tbs lemon juice
2 Tbs olive oil
1/8 tsp salt
1/8 tsp black pepper
1/4 cup chopped (or minced) parsley
1 garlic clove, minced

Chop cucumbers and tomatoes, mix with remaining ingredients. Let rest at least 15 minutes so flavors combine. Serve.

Tip (1): I always like this dish a little on the lemony side. I've also had it made with more of an accent on the olive oil. So, if you don't want yours as lemony as I like mine, try increasing to 3 Tbs of olive oil.

Tip (2): I was in the mood for a chunkier salad last night. Generally, the veg in this dish are chopped a little finer than what I did. Have fun and play around - and make it however you like. This really is an easy-to-make,  fail proof dish.




  1. OMG - I love this! I could really it this everyday and not get sick of it LOL Gorgeous photo!

  2. Thanks, Denise. You really can't go wrong with a basic chopped salad : ) Cheers!

  3. This looks so refreshing and delicious. I love to eat this way.

  4. My favorite! My family makes a salad almost exactly like this, but we call it 'Algerian Salad'. I suppose this is just a very common salad in many Mediterranean countries...

  5. I completely missed this post. I'm doing this one for lunch tomorrow or maybe dinner tonight.