Orange Spritzer - Recipe

This one is short and simple, just like the Ginger-Aid Soda recipe I posted a few days ago. I decided I should probably call this a spritzer though, since it is nowhere near as syrupy or sweet as a traditional orange soda. I've been wanting to make this drink all week - but we ate all our oranges before I got the chance. I also intended to throw one or two baby carrots in, so the color would be more reminiscent of a Minute Maid or Orange Crush soda, but oh well - I forgot : )

I generally like to keep plain seltzer water in the house to quench our cravings for carbonated beverages, but I thought it would be fun to sweeten it up by adding a bit of fruit. Enjoy!

Orange Spritzer

2 oranges, peeled
1 Tbs honey
Orange zest
Seltzer water

Blend all ingredients in blender - except for the seltzer water. Strain the blended ingredients and discard the pulp. Fill 2 or 3 large glasses with ice. Fill the glasses half way with juice and top them off with seltzer.


  1. A wonderful drink. Would come in handy right about not...especially since it's like 200F here in Miami. Have a great day!

  2. Thanks, Lazaro. I wouldn't mind some Miami weather right now. Though, 200 might be pushing it just a bit :)