Introduction to the Diary of a Smart Black Woman

This is my foray into the world of blogging. A former 9-year vegetarian, I'm tip-toeing back into the world of fresh, healthy and good-for-you food. Though, I still enjoy the occasional indulgence in wings (mmm, barbecue) and most (sweet) things baked.

I received an associate chef certificate as well as a teacher's certificate in Raw, Vegan Cuisine. I enjoy un-cooking lots of strange deliciousness, especially my famous Kale Chips, which I hope to offer on the market place soon. When all else fails, and I insist on eating not-so-good-for-me food, I like to make sure I have some GREENS everyday!

Fresh, leafy, dark greens are great for vitamins, minerals, and helping to ph balance the body to a more alkaline state. Salads are awesome; but, when I just don't feel like having one, there's nothing like a tall glass of Green Juice or a Green Smoothie to refresh the system and make you feel good about treating yourself right! I look forward to sharing some of my green favorites soon.

So you know what you're getting yourself into, this blog PROMISES to deliver:

1) 5 posts a week (some short, some long, some entertaining, some educational, and frankly, some rambling).

2) 3 recipes a week. - Most will be vegan, but some will not; at least one will be a juice or smoothie recipe.

3) Nothing but the truth about the world - according to me (i.e., my opinion).

Now that you know a little bit of what I'm about, you should also know that I'm a hobbyist musician and a doctoral student in linguistics at George Mason University; so, I may occasionally subject you to posts about these subjects as well.

May you enjoy reading this, the Diary of a Smart Black Woman.


  1. Excellent blog. I have been waiting for such informational and educational site. Finally, all in one place. Proud of you.

    Proud husband.

  2. I'm definitely excited about this. Mainly because you are my inspiration and raw-veg buddy. When are we going to start working on this book??

  3. Hey Jessica! We should def still do a soul food book. First up though, I have a juice and smoothie book in the works...

    You still going to OHI this summer?