Whoo-Hoo I'm a FoodBuzz Featured Publisher!!!

 About Featured Publishers on FoodBuzz.com

FoodBuzz Featured Publishers are Foodbuzz partner bloggers featured around the site. They're passionate about sharing experiences and expertise in cooking, recipes, photography, and more.

About FoodBuzz - they:

  • Aggregate and curate 2.2 Million posts from 12169 food blogs to bring quality content into the spotlight.
  • Partner with bloggers to provide content distribution and a community around [a] shared passion: food & dining.
  • Partner with brands to provide advertising solutions via branding, sponsorship, and engagement programs. 
Thanks to FoodBuzz for recognizing what I'm trying to do with this here site.

Peace and Greens, from the Diary of a Smart Black Woman

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    1. That is very cool. I was on their site this morning browsing other blogs.